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Stack 'em, Glue 'em, Clamp 'em, NEXT!

Reclaim Your Shop... The Stackable Clamping System is the dream of every woodworker who prefers to keep a neat, organized workspace!

Rather than scrambling around your shop to find space for your clamped pieces to dry, why not keep them in a single, clutter-free stack?!

Keeps Components Handy... Arrange glued pieces in any order as you build up your stack . . . any piece can be loosened and removed as needed without disturbing the rest of the stack (or swapped out at a middle level with a new piece, for that matter). Perfect for complicated projects with many glued components!

R&R Clamps tighten with a common 3/4" socket. Check out the Accessories Page of our online store for drill/driver adapters.

Always Square and Secure... The Stackable System snaps into two low-profile alignment bars that are squared up and fastened directly to the workspace. When you're not clamping, the strips are thin enough to stay out of your way so the space remains open and usable!

Various Sizes and Configurations Available... Our Stackable Clamps come standard in 12", 24", 36", and 48" models. We also sell our clamps as kits--combinations of clamps and accessories that are well suited for certain projects. Visit our online store to find a kit that suits you!

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