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Custom Curves for a Custom World!

Do-It-Yourself Curves... The Archway System allows you to create custom curves in your own shop--no need to rely on a vendor to create them for you!

The Archway System is portable... so you can take it right to a job site and fasten the clamps to any available surface--such as a subfloor or stair treads.

Use with Metal Curve Supports (Not included) to ensure that pressure is applied evenly, and that the material can slide freely as it's pressed into place. 48" or 96" lengths are suggested to fit a range of projects.

Creative Limitations Apply. The human imagination can be a wonderful thing...what could you use it for? The Archway System is capable of creating simple or compound curves for a variety of uses, the breadth of which we've only begun to see!

In fact, we're creating a User Projects Page... to show off the ingenuity of our customers with their R&R Clamping Systems--so if you want to show off your creativity, e-mail with a brief description of the project and a photo!

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