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Frequently Asked Questions

- Why are some clamps different colors?

We have recently decided to color our types of clamps differently due to public input.  Our stackable clamping systems will all be in black wrinkle finish with an aluminum rider, while all Archway and Versa Clamps will be red finish with the aluminum rider.  Due to our inventory volume, we will still be shipping some Archway and Versa Clamps in the black wrinkle finish. 

- Why are some riders rectangular and powder coated and some are square and          unfinished?

We are currently transitioning from the rectangular rider to a square aluminum rider. All future products will have the square aluminum rider.

- Where can I get the metal strips for the Archway clamps?

You can get the metal from your local sheet metal supplier. The material suggested is a 14 gauge steel.

- Can I get rubber guards for the "square" riders?

We have discontinued the rubber guards for use with the "square" riders. We have found a high quality vinyl foam tape that works just as good to prevent indentations on the material being clamped. It is 3M 4516 Vinyl foam tape (3/4" wide for the rider and two 1/4" wide strips for the frame). If you do have this past system and need the guards, we do still have some in inventory, and you can order them here on the website.  

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